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Marketing and Management Undergrads Prep for Career Searches at Immersion Day

The winning Career Immersion Day team.
The winning Career Immersion Day team (from left
to right): Carson McGrath, Timothy Cauthorne,
Ashley Rohweder, Joshua Efron, Andrew Owens, and
Thomas McGuire.

By Liz Warren-Pederson

In September, 115 incoming marketing and management majors took a crash course in career prep — they participated in Career Immersion Day, a series of team-based games designed to get them thinking about resumes, online job searches, assessing personal strengths, and the industries and careers that might be the best fit for them.

“My first stop was the computer lab, where we had a scavenger hunt for finding jobs and internships,” said marketing major Kendra Taknint. “This was when I realized how crucial it is that I begin to apply and look for my summer internship immediately. I had not been thinking about this as urgently before I attended the Immersion Day so I am very glad I went.”

Senior lecturer in management and organizations Suzanne Cummins designed and hosted a match game for the students. “They were given five job positions, and for each job, five resumes that had been submitted for the position. Only one of the five in each case actually got an interview, and ultimately, the job. Students were playing the role of HR manager, figuring out what resume to forward to the hiring manager.”

There was also a “guess my career” game with alumni. “The highlight of the event for me was definitely guessing correctly that one of the women was the marketing coordinator for Girl Scout Cookies,” said marketing major Joshua Efron.

“Immersion Day taught me a lot about what I need to do to begin my career after I graduate,” said management major Carson McGrath. “I had fun with the activities and learned a lot at the same time. It really got me in the mindset of preparing to start my career.”

The event concluded with a networking lunch with alumni. “Having lunch with recruiters from various companies was the best part of the event,” McGrath added. “I got to interact personally with them and find out what they did and what their company was looking for in the future. They also gave me tips on how to stand out in an interview and on my resume.”

“The highlight of the event for me would have to be talking with Whitney Freese (BSBA Marketing '11) a marketing senior at the UA, about her summer internship with General Mills,” said Taknint. “She got me very excited about her experience and I can’t wait to attend UA Career Day next week and talk to companies including General Mills on the top of my list.”

Eller alum Cale Miller (BSBA Marketing ’04) of Grubb & Ellis Company attended the event. “It seems like most students underestimate the application of their classroom learning and the capability to expand their job search into many difference areas of life in general,” he said. “There are tons of jobs out there where you take what you’ve learned in class and through internships/jobs, and mold yourself into a diversified employee of the American workforce. There is no limit to what you can do with yourself, so I told the students to keep their options and minds open when job hunting.”

The event was also a competition: the winning team will join College namesake Karl Eller (BSBA Marketing ’52) for lunch during Homecoming weekend.

“I am excited to meet him, but I'm hoping that I can come up with enough to talk about! I will be writing down some questions,” said Ephron.

“I am really excited at the opportunity to have lunch with Karl Eller,” said McGrath. “I hope to learn as much as possible from him and maybe even find some networking connections that will help me after I graduate. I don't think there is a better way to start off Homecoming.”

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