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Student Profile
Refusing to Rest

David Yin
David Yin, Eller Finance '12, is
managing a study planner venture in
China that reaches one million
students while studying finance at the
Eller College.

Photograph by Daron Shade.

David Yin
Eller Finance '12

By Kelsey Wagner
Eller Marketing '12

Sirui Yin, who goes by David, came to the Eller College all the way from Nanjing, China. In 2008, the University of Arizona held its first official cooperation with Yin’s high school, where he was able to take 15 college credits while simultaneously finishing his senior year. Through this program, Yin was selected from hundreds of students to move across the world to complete his college education in the U.S. as a Wildcat.

Ever since he got to America, Yin has kept his eyes open for business opportunities. After two years, he a money-making idea came to him: a study planner. “Such a thing is very common among students here in the U.S., but you don’t see them that often back in China,” he said. Yin carefully researched the market in China and came up with a business plan that he pitched to high school principals as well as the Department of Education in his state. Yin says that it as it turns out, his project has been quite successful. “Now my planners are sold in four states and are used by over one million students.”

His goal is for his venture to continue to grow so he can expand the market. “Hopefully, I can monopolize the market for several years and raise enough capital for my next investment!”

His study planner business isn’t the only thing that’s kept the future serial entrepreneur busy at Eller. His freshman year, Yin founded Global Bridge, a new student organization. “I wanted to help international students get involved in American college life,” he said. “I served as president for two years and organized different social events to help international students understand American culture, give back to local community, and hang out.”

Somehow, Yin also found time to be treasurer of Eller Ambassadors, an organization focused on promoting the college he loves to potential new students. “In both clubs, I gained valuable leadership skills as well as communication, time management, and lots of networking opportunities,” Yin said.

On top of his extracurricular activities, Yin said that the most important thing to him is giving back to the community. “I try to participate in every one of the philanthropy events I hear about in order to give back,” he said. “I believe deeply in the importance of community service, especially as a businessman. Every time Eller holds its philanthropy day [Eller College Make a Difference Day], I always lead my club to participate.”

His philanthropic side also speaks to his desire to become a financial advisor. “I want to go into the financial industry not because it makes lots of money, but because I can help people live better,” he explained. “Oftentimes, older people don’t have the lives they deserve simply because their pension funds are not managed well enough to meet their needs. I would like to become a mainstream, affordable financial advisor to help people manage their wealth better.”

In the mean time, he will continue to live by his own motto: “Life is too short to rest.”

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