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Student Profile
In Body and Mind

Bryan Baldwin
Bryan Baldwin, Eller Business Management '12.

Bryan Baldwin
Eller Business Management '12

By Kelsey Wagner
Eller Marketing '12

Although he has a passion for business, Bryan Baldwin said he has his bodybuilding career to thank for his success and determination in life.

Baldwin first began bodybuilding in high school, but had to stop after suffering a severe back injury. Doctors told him he would never be able to lift weights again, a diagnosis he found devastating. Over the course of the next three years, he was in and out of the doctor’s office, but still no one could pinpoint where the problem was. Eventually, a physical therapist helped him eliminate the majority of the pain. Then he set himself a goal: to prove the doctors wrong and get back into the gym.

“I began lifting weights again in November 2009,” Blaldwin said. “It was a struggle at first, but I absolutely loved being able to exercise again. Over the course of the next few months, I became more and more addicted to working out, eating healthier, and living a healthy lifestyle. This was the point where I began to transition into the bodybuilder lifestyle. I have been living like this ever since and have never been happier.”

Bryan Baldwin
Bryan Baldwin at the 2012 NPC
Los Angeles Grand Prix
bodybuilding championship.

Photo by Nga Azarian.

At the beginning of his senior year at Eller, Baldwin made it his mission to enter a bodybuilder competition. He spent the next 18 weeks on an extremely strict diet and was committed to his exercise regimen. In April, Bryan competed in the NPC Los Angeles Grand Prix and won the Novice Overall, Novice First Place Heavyweight, and the Open Second Place Heavyweight. This show had a total of over 400 competitors and was the largest show ever held in Southern California.

Baldwin said that the lessons he has learned in bodybuilding have transcended all aspects of his life. “The discipline I have gained from bodybuilding has helped improve my focus on school and my career as well,” he explained. “It keeps me motivated throughout the day and keeps me extremely focused on the tasks at hand. When many people see bodybuilders, they just assume that we lift weights and that is the extent of it. However, bodybuilding translates so much deeper than just that. It requires extreme determination, discipline, and motivation, which has had an incredible impact on everything I’ve done in life.”

The Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity member will begin his career with Altria.

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