Research Centers

Explore major centers of research and teaching at Eller:

Center for Leadership Ethics
The Center for Leadership Ethics brings together top research faculty, established educational outreach programs, and corporate partnerships to affect broad change in ethical leadership across business sectors.

Center for the Management of Information
CMI has established itself as a world leader in the research and development of collaboration processes and technologies. Through its research into the art and science of collaboration, CMI is redefining the way people work and communicate.

Center for Management Innovations in Healthcare
The Center for Management Innovations in Healthcare aims to capitalize on existing faculty strengths to contribute new human, strategic, and technological resources to the organization and management of healthcare delivery systems through education, research, and community partnerships in Arizona and beyond.

Economic and Business Research Center
EBR provides the Arizona community of business and public-sector decision makers with economic forecasts, applied research, and information on economic, demographic, and business trends in the state, its metro areas, and the Western region.

Information Assurance and Security Education Center
Established to address the growing need for information security professionals trained with a focus in information assurance.

INSITE: Center for Business Intelligence and Analytics
INSITE develops innovative analytical techniques to unleash the hidden wealth in social media data, harness the power of social media, and lead to actionable insights for organizations.

McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship
The McGuire Center is highly ranked and recognized for its ability to nurture the development of personal and professional attributes critical to success and to effectively moving an idea to reality.

National Center for Border Security and Immigration
BORDERS is a consortium of 14 premier institutions dedicated to the development of innovative technologies, proficient processes, and effective policies that will help protect our nation’s borders, foster international trade, and enhance long-term understanding of immigration determinants and dynamics.


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