Research Labs and Institutes

Explore cutting-edge research labs at Eller:

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Home to the Dark Web Project, the AI Lab is known for its adaptation and development of scalable and practical artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, data mining, text mining, web mining, and visualization techniques.

Economic Science Laboratory
The Economic Science Laboratory creates a home for cutting-edge experimental research and teaching in social science.

Institute for Behavioral Economics
The Institute for Behavioral Economics supports research and teaching endeavors focused on the behavioral nexus between economics and psychology, including game theory, experiments, and econometrics.

MicroAge Lab and MIS Commons
The MicroAge Lab and MIS Commons provide instructional and research support with a focus on providing access to high-end hardware and software technology and facilitating collaborative projects between the University and private industry.

Organizational Behavior Laboratory
The Organizational Behavior Laboratory focuses on the study of normative, descriptive, and prescriptive theories of human judgment and decision making.


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